If you’re a hunter of waterfowl, or if you’d like to become one, you might already know that Maryland’s Eastern shore is goose hunting nirvana. This area of the Atlantic Flyway is fairly narrow, which means the birds are more concentrated. One of the best spots to hunt is in and around Chestertown, and if you want to take full advantage of an amazing experience, you’ll find a Chestertown goose hunting guide who’s sure to fit the bill.

This area of the Chesapeake Bay is loaded with honkers. It boasts the biggest population of migratory Canada geese in the United States, along with being part-time home to hundreds of thousands of snow geese. With such an abundance of birds, you’d think it would be easy to bag your limit, right? Well, it’s not.

Geese are cagey critters that have survived for eons by using their wits. Their behavior has adapted to being hunted by humans, which makes them extremely wary. The slightest thing can make them suspicious, and even when they’ve decided to land, they can change their minds at the last moment when something doesn’t seem quite right.