Centrally located between the Tidal Marshes of Southern New Jersey and the bounty of corn fields of Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Delaware winters approximately 500,000 snow geese annually .Delaware is home to two major snow geese roosts in the 25,000 acre Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge and the 9,000 acre Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.

The snow geese population has exploded in the past several years. Due to the close proximity to Delaware Bay and the Bombay Hook Refuge ,Maryland is a feeding stopover for birds from Delaware. Snow, blue and ross geese may be intermixed in flights of birds. A successful hunt will require hours of scouting and the use of huge decoy spreads. Two races of snow geese are recognized: greater snows along the Atlantic Coast and Lesser snows else where. Blue geese are a color phase of the lesser snow. Snow geese are fast learners and quickly become very wary when hunted and shot at. They have a long life span and travel in large flocks , so thousands of eyes examine potential feeding and resting areas for potential danger before landing. Possibly few hunting experiences can compare to several hundred or thousand squawking snows coming into a decoy spread!

Snow geese usually return to a field until their food source is exhausted.They may not return to a field where they has been shot at due to their excellent memories. Locating a “hot” field may be good for two or three successful shoots. After this, the geese will leave this area.

The population of snow geese was in decline a hundred years ago and hunting in the U.S was stopped in 1916. Hunting was again allowed in 1975 and the population has tripled. It continues to grow an an estimated rate of 5% annually. The population has increased to the extent that the Tundra breeding areas and the salt marsh wintering grounds are being severly damaged by massive populations of geese.

The Atlantic Flyway Council consists of states of Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North and South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and West Virginia. The council recommends actions required for sound migratory game management and makes recommendations to the US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Some hunting gear you will want to bring on your Maryland Snow Goose hunting trips:
  • Warm clothing
  • Bring boots and gloves
  • Hunting license
  • Shotgun – Auto is best in 20 gauge or 12 gauge
  • Shells – Steel Shot only in BB, 2, 3 or 4 shot preferred
  • Camera
  • Coffee
  • Snacks
Hunting Season Dates & Limits for Snow Goose Hunting in Maryland:
  • Bag Limit is 25 Snow Geese Per Hunter
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